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India's leading Exporters of Sand Stone, Lime Stone, Granite and various other types of stones for the construction industry.

The company has specialist staff to look after the technical service to architects, builders and home  buyers and to advice them about the technical specifications of stone to be used in the from of test results like.

  1. Compression Strength.

  2. Water Absorption.

  3. Abrasion Strength.

  4. Acid/Alkaline Tests.

  5. Heat Resistance.

  6. Density of Stone .

  7. Frost Resistance
Great homes of the past are still standing today because they were built using quality materials such as natural durable Sand Stone.

For greater homes of the future, stone is still one of the longest lasting materials available.  In fact it is seven time tougher than ordinary concrete. 


  • ARI's sandstone because of its Density resists salt and chlorine and is also scratch resistant.  Its anti-slip proper ties make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use and for heavy traffic areas such as stairs, pathways and halls.
  • ARI's sand stone is also available in bricks for external cladding and walls.   Specialists at ARI can advice on the range of uses for ARI's sand stone.
  • ARI's stand stone appeals because of it attractive natural grain, uniform tones and seven natural shades from traditionally creamy to rose or chocolate brown.
  • ARI's sand stone has consistent thickness to maintain surface uniformity.  You have a choice of honed, rubbed or split-faced finish.
  • What's more, a full range of detailed coped edges, step treads, trims and bullnosed finishes are available.                               
  • Asian Resources International (ARI) is often involved in commissioned projects to create customised designs and special features in the sand stone, such as door lintels, mantels, fire place and windows surrounds or stair details.

International Technical Specifications

  • Compressive Strength rating as per ASTMCC 97 170 = 155 MPA
  • Density and absorption rating as per ASTMCC 97 = 3%
  • Bulk Specific Gravity = 2.394 Tonnes/M3
  • Abrasion & Resistance rating as per ASTMCC 944 = 9 Grams/MIN (0.21 rating)
  • Slip Resistance for pedestrian surface as per AS/NZS3661 = 0.60
  • Resistance of Salt as per AS 1226- Passed

Availability of Sizes

  • Tiles in the sizes of :
    300x300, 400x40, 400x300, 600x300, 600x600, 750x750 & 800x800mm
  • Slabs in the sizes of :
    900x1000 to 1000x1800mm
  • Lintels, Mantels, Fire Places, Table Tops of specific sizes are custom made as per design and requirement.

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